It's time to reach your training goals!  

No matter what you are training for, the point is that YOU are training. 

Daily workouts, including running, cross training, and strength training, while also incorporating your fave workouts (so your fave SoulCycle instructor will still like you). These workouts will be tailored specifically to you, based on your fitness level and goals

Final Surge Training App, your future bestie containing all of your personalized workouts, allowing you to log your training and track your progress.

Unlimited text and emails, to ask questions and share updates! Need to miss a workout and not sure how to reschedule? Can't remember what to eat before your long run? Shoot me a message and I'll get you the answer

Monthly check-in call, to track your progress and chat about all things training and healthy eating related!

Weekly newsletter with meal planning education and training tips!

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Whatever the goal, I am here to help you achieve success!