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A Providence ginger, running around this fabulous little city on the East Coast. My backstory involves mostly running, a lot of Rhode Island, 4 years at UConn, and a surplus of excellent puns. Running has shaped the majority of my life events, and has led me to so many incredible opportunities and accomplishments that I never would have experienced otherwise. I live to share my love of this great sport with others, and I'm thrilled that you are here!

Just a Dash of Ginger is a place for me to share what I have learned, and am still learning, when it comes to running and eating. Presently I reside on the East Side of Providence, RI with my boyfriend Chris, a 6'4" Ironman triathlete who lets me do all of the cooking. The blog allows you to take a peek into the life of Chris and I; how we fit in healthy meals and endurance workouts while working full-time and having a social life. The coaching program allows you to build your own fitness and endurance, with close guidance and instruction from myself, based on my education and personal experiences. My main goal is to help YOU accomplish all of your goals, in both running and healthy eating. Let's do this!!!

Personal Health and Running Coach

Alex Hollenbeck

Personal Health and Running Coach


B.S. in Nutritional Sciences // IIN Licensed Health Coach // RRCA certified running coach.

Personal Bests

Marathon - 3:51 // Half Marathon - 1:43 // 5k - 19:55 // Trail 50k - 6:04:15

Follow along for solid advice and the occasional pun:

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